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Who Gets Him? 3
For a moment, Russia's fun was halted.  For a moment, America's anger vanished.  Everyone looked to the new speaker with complete and utter shock.  Not because the person had been foolish enough to interrupt America and Russia in the middle of their delicate conversation.  Not because the person had been crazy enough to take a side in the rising argument.  No, while all of that was amazing, the reason for the shock was the person, himself.  No one in the room thought that they would ever hear those words, put together in that exact order, coming out of that speaker's mouth.  They couldn't believe it.  Even America was struck dumbfounded by that sentence, and who had said it.      
All eyes in the room were now on England.
Now, England had never actually been what you would call a "sympathetic"
:icon4thefunofit:4TheFunOfIt 34 42
Who Gets Him? 2
There was a silence in the room.  The Allies quickly turned their attention from America to Russia; each individual already planning what they would do if Russia got angry.  Russia blinked in surprise at the American across the table from him.  America continued to glare.  Unlike the other Allies, he was almost hoping that Russia would get angry.  He knew for sure that he was already furious!  He was just glad that he had come back to earth when he did.
You see, Russia had been making a proposal that he should take full control of Japan.  He had just been on the verge of getting approval, too!  Anyone who is familiar with Russia (or the Soviet Union, as the nation now liked to be called), knew that there were never any real "proposals" with him.  What that nation wanted, he had a habit of getting— with, or without the consent of others.  The last thing America wanted was for
:icon4thefunofit:4TheFunOfIt 27 19
Who Gets Him? 1
"Hold up!  Time out!"
The Allied meeting was disrupted by the sudden outburst.  All members turned their attention to the youngest ally, who had suddenly taken an interest in the meeting.  The impulsive American was glaring through his glasses at the Russian he had interrupted.      
"Why should you get Japan?!"
WARNING: This story contains "abridged history."  It is my own take on the occupation of Japan after WWII.  I do not claim that this is how the decision on who would occupy Japan was made.  This was born out of speculation that I had heard on the subject. It is only a Hetalia fan-fiction and is not meant to offend anyone or any nationality that may be mentioned within.  Please read my artist's comments for more information on this subject.  Thank you.   
:icon4thefunofit:4TheFunOfIt 48 28
The Show Goes On [APH Tribute]
It isn't easy, being a nation.
Most people will think, 'Oh, but you're immortal, right? You can't die!' as if that's somehow a good thing.
It's a lie.
We are not immortal.
We can die.
And when we do, it's too close to forever for any of us to be comforted by the thought of Heaven.
That night, America dreamed of losing his family.
Believe me when I say we feel everything. When our people are unhappy, when our economies suck, when natural disasters occur, when wars tear us apart... some of these things we learn to tune out; some, we deal with; and some... well, we just have to suffer through them.
But death is a different story. It's a concept both familiar and alien and is probably the thing that terrifies us the most, even if we won't admit it.
It started with a body, and nothing more… no recognition, no surroundings. America was holding the body tightly, and it trembled in his grip, in the throes of death. America gripped it with sheer desperation, tho
:iconpwnedbypineapple:PwnedByPineapple 109 116
The Boston Massacre
March 5, 1770:
The door to the Boston Custom House was forced open.
England pushed his soldier into the safety of the empty building, before joining him on the inside. He stepped out of the chilly night air and slammed the door behind him. All was still in the dark room. Both men stood panting for a moment, eagerly drinking in the contrasts of the hell from which they had just emerged.
"You should be safe in here," England told his man, while they tried to calm themselves.
However, he was not so sure of his own words. Even their quiet sanctuary offered little protection from the sounds of the mounting ciaos on the outside. The muffled noises of the angry mob found their way into the building easily. They echoed around the room as if they were trying to antagonize the trapped pair.
And they were getting louder.
Suddenly, a crash sounded out. A window shattered. The men could now hear the shouting as if they were on the outside again. Another window broke and the offend
:icon4thefunofit:4TheFunOfIt 166 144
Hetalia: December 24, 1860
Christmas Eve, 1860. Four days after first secession. Canada convinces America to go to Britain's house for Christmas. Brotherly fluff. Angst. No pairings. Slightly Historical!Hetalia. Contains Australia cameo and mentions of fem!India. Pre-American Civil War. One-shot.
A pair of twins stood outside a rather grand estate on the outskirts of London. The enormous manor fit every aspect characteristic of the powerful British Empire in the spotless yard and even the ornate carvings on the door inset with gold and other precious metals. However, the old building was not on display in the bustling streets of London
but hiding in the distant fields where it couldn't be admired like it deserved by any save for the few that felt like walking the distance.
Where gaudiness met wilderness was where the country and the man inside the personification confronted and compromised. He always did like being by himself even though he always had the urg
:iconcixalea:Cixalea 13 4
Engwand, I'm sorry
Warning!: This contains mentions of witch craft and references to the Salem Witch Trials. Yes, it does deal with what happened to those accused. If your not comfortable, don't read it.
The small sandy blonde stood there quivering. He didn’t know how any of this had happened. All he knew was fear, fear and guilt.
“Well do you, witch?” The man before him asked again. He was the monster in this nightmare. Looking up with tear filled blue eyes, he tried to speak, but only a squeak came out.
“Then you best start praying and may God have mercy on your soul.” With that, the man walked off the platform, leaving the small child quaking.
The child closed his eyes, letting his tear flow. He didn’t care anymore. Nothing did. It was all over anyway. He could feel the rope around his neck, taunting him of the terror to come.
Engwand, I’m sorry, he thought as h
:icontonykuma:TonyKuma 4 4
Pearl Harbor - APH Fanfiction
It was a seemingly quiet day, but Alfred knew otherwise. He couldn’t explain it, not in any way a human would understand, but something was wrong.
The tall blonde nation walked down the hall, headed to another meeting with his boss. Alfred liked this boss, he was different than all the others he had had. He, America, was one of the few that knew his boss was unable to walk.
At first, America had been spectacle. How could someone disabled run this country? Hell, Alfred himself couldn’t control himself most days. Somehow Roosevelt had managed. And in a difficult time to boast.
Alfred smiled to himself as he walked. He remembered when he had first met his boss. It was almost 10 years ago. He stopped for a sec. Had it really been that long? Most of his bosses left after 8 years, at the most, but here was his current boss. He had been in office for 2 terms and had just started his 3rd.
Alfred continued his walk. As long as the people liked him, Alfred didn’t mind, and he r
:icontonykuma:TonyKuma 9 4
APH Fanfic: This Time of Year- America and England
America sighed as he stepped out into the bright sunshine and heat.  It was late June so the dog days of late July and August hadn't set in yet, but it was still far too hot and muggy for his tastes.  Not for the first time America wondered what had possessed his people to build their capital in the middle of a swamp.
The summer weather only depressed America's mood more as he made his way to his car.  He had just gotten out of a very long and unproductive meeting with England, discussing some new economic measure or other, and he was exhausted.  It was important of course, but America knew he shouldn't have bothered and he was now wishing that he hadn't tried.  England was always unmanageable this time of year.
America unlocked his car as he approached it and took his suit jacket off before getting inside.  Turning the car on he rolled the windows down and cranked the air up to try and make it feel less like an oven. 
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 25 2
England - Aftermath
Summary: After losing the American Revolutionary War to Alfred and having a complete breakdown in front of him (see "America's Storage Room Cleaning,") Arthur falls ill and dwells on his loneliness. But somewhere along the line, he realizes that he's maybe just a bit less alone than he assumes he is.

One-shot. Angst, but with a dash of hope. I actually came up with the idea for this in a dream. XD Contains an OC, but not a nation-tan OC. She's just a normal human member of Arthur's staff.
Words burned his mind as they played over and over in his memory. Like he was missing something, though he knew he wasn't. No, he just wanted to hear that voice for as long as he was still capable of it. He wanted to cling to the ashen remains of something that had rotted away from the inside out - so that he hadn't noticed until it had been too late.
    Those words - that voice. Sweet because he could still hold onto them
:iconinvaderjes11:InvaderJes11 18 38
The Adventures of Obama and America-HetaliaDrabble
Episode one: White House Ghost
"OBAAAAMAAAA!!!" Alfred ran through the Glorious Halls of the White House very fast, scared shitless. He bursts into the Master bedroom in which Obama slept at. Alfred jumped onto Obamas bed accidently landing on Obama. Obamas eyes shot wide open, and with a grunt as Alfred landed on him. Obama yelled "WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALFRED!" Obama stared with his tired glare. Alfred was shivering under Obamas blankets. He said to Obama whispering slightly "I saw a Ghost..." His whispering intensified "...It looked like George Washington!". Alfred hugged Mr. Pillow close to him as Obama looked at him straight in the eyes "Alfred, there is no such thing as ghosts, go back into your room and go the fuck to sleep" Obama turned around on his side, then flinched to see Alfred already on the other side of the bed. Alfred whimpered slightly "But Obamaaa-! I'm Scared! Can you atleast come with me to investigate the ghost?" Obama sat upright "if I come with you
:icondarkness-serum:Darkness-Serum 33 24
APH- Executive Residence
"Oh bloody hell."
America, sitting pretzel style on the front lawn of the White House, smiled sheepishly up at the other nation. "Oh, hey England. What's up?"
"What the hell are you doing?"
Biting his lip self-consciously, the boy rubbed the back of his neck. "Funny story."
England crossed his arms and raised a large eyebrow. "Oh?"
"Yeah," America said slowly, drawing out the last syllable. "Boss kicked me out."
"It was a total accident!" America was on his feet now, pacing around the bright green lawn, ranting up a storm and arms flailing everywhere. Out of the corner of his eye, England could see the tourists visiting Washington DC regarding the figure tentatively behind the large fence, smartly figuring not to ask questions and enjoy the free show.
His cheeks turning a light shade of pink at being watched, England tried to place a nervous hand on America's shoulder. "Alfred," he hissed, making sure to use his human name in case anyone was in earshot. "Calm down, you gi
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